What We Do

Since 1927 Wildlife & Environment Zimbabwe (WEZ) has fought for the conservation and protection of Zimbabwe’s environment. Since then WEZ has been on the forefront of conservation, lobbying for the establishment of National Parks and protected areas, assisting in the management of these, and spreading knowledge on conservation and environmental issues through our magazine, publications, and different environmental education projects. Our efforts strive to fulfil our mission:

To encourage and assist all people of Zimbabwe to understand the importance of wildlife and the environment and to conserve Zimbabwe’s natural resources for the well being of current and future generations and to ensure that the utilisation of these natural resources is fair and sustainable.

But our richly endowed and beautiful country is confronted by critical environmental and ecological problems. This has resulted in environmental degradation, declining population of endangered species, destruction of indigenous forest and wildlife habitats, soil erosion, pollution in all its forms, and ruthless exploitation of our natural resources for short-term profit.

We live in times where the protection of our natural resources is more important than ever before. We must join all our efforts to conserve, manage and protect Zimbabwe’s ecological environment with all its associated species of fauna and flora with the help of all Zimbabweans taking a custodian role over all natural resources.

Every one of us can make a difference!