Conservation, Management and Protection of Elephant

WEZ supports the Elephant Protection Programme by Sharon Pincott. Special emphasis is being put on the presidential herd in the Sikumi area. The project monitors the movement of the animals since 2000 and also studies their behaviour.

Anti poaching teams are employed to protect the animals that are under threat from poachers.

Game Water Supplies

WEZ is involved in the supplying of water to game in Hwange and Gonarezhou National Parks, as well as in the smaller parks like Tshabalala and Matobo.WEZ sources funds for the maintenance of borehole pumps and engines and the maintenance of dams in these parks.

WEZ also sources funds for rehabilitation of watering pans and vleis and dams within the parks to make it is for animals to easily get access to water. Note that water distribution is also used to keep animals in parks like Hwange which does not have surface water in the form of river, streams or springs.

Nature Reserves and Camps

Wildlife & Environment Zimbabwe aims to encourage all Zimbabweans to take an active interest in their wildlife heritage. To this end WEZ has developed nature reserves and camps throughout the country, all under the care of WEZ branches. These provide opportunities, at a very affordable cost, to experience wilderness areas and to observe Zimbabwe's magnificent game and bird-life. There are camping facilities in these reserves, some camps offer accommodation and some are equipped with chalets. These are available for local, regional and international visitors.

Let us look after our Zimbabwean Tortoises

How often does one see a tortoise in the bush? They are experts in camouflage and often overlooked. The better known Leopard Tortoise or Mountain Tortoise [Geochelone pardalis] is widespread throughout its African territory, though it occurs in low densities over much of the range. In Zimbabwe, they prefer the lower altitudes of the country and have recently been seen in the Zambezi Valley area.