Background of the Organization

Wildlife & Environment Zimbabwe (WEZ) is a Private Voluntary, membership-based organisation which was founded in 1927 and whose goal is primarily to encourage and assist all people in Zimbabwe to understand the importance of our wildlife and the environment to the well-being of current and future generations and to ensure that the utilization of natural resources is fair and sustainable. Its members consist of individuals, families, corporate and educational institutions that care for the future of Zimbabwe’s Environment, its Wildlife and its people. It liaises with other environmental organizations locally, regionally and internationally. Locally and it collaborates with Government Departments that are in charge of conservation of natural resources.

Wildlife & Environment Zimbabwe seeks: -

  • To encourage all Zimbabweans, especially the young, to take an active interest in their environmental heritage;
  • To support and encourage environmental conservation-orientated education and research projects;
  • To promote the establishment of wildlife areas, especially where a particular habitat is essential for the preservation of a species and to assist in restocking such areas;
  • To procure the improvement of the laws dealing with the conservation of wildlife and its habitat, pollution and environmental matters, and the better observance of such laws;
  • To co-operate with the Government, local authorities and civil societies, other organisations, associations, groups and other bodies in any matter concerned with the environment and its conservation and management plus general human welfare associated with the use of natural resources;
  • To monitor and assist in arresting environmental pollution and degradation;
  • To support the sustainable utilization of wildlife and renewable natural resources.


To achieve this WEZ engage in: -

  • Environmental education programmes both rural and urban (currently WEZ runs five Environmental Education Programmes)
  • Participatory community development projects to improve quality of life
  • Field activities - land reclamation, animal rescue and the protection of endangered species and their habitats;
  • Wildlife and environmental research;
  • Game censuses/counting to assess animal populations in the wildlife
  • Strategic planning and policy formulation;
  • Water conservation and water shade and wetland management
  • Game water supply in areas where there are no big rivers by providing boreholes and water pans
  • Networking with national, regional and international environmental organizations;
  • Fundraising for environmental programmes and
  • The publication of Zimbabwe Wildlife magazine.


Its National of is in Harare and is headed by a National Executive Director, Dr. Willie K. Nduku and operates under the following contacts: Email;, Tel; 263 4 747500/648/684; Fax; 263 4 747174; Mobile; 263 772 513474

It currently has the following six branches through out the country with the following contacts:-