Makonde - Mana Pools Game Count

25 to 28 September 2015

Annual Game Count

Transect team resting on banks of the Zambezi The Makonde Branch of Wildlife and Environment Zimbabwe has organized annual game counts at Mana Pools National Park, Zimbabwe since 1993.

Static counts at waterholes and transect counts across the flood plain take place over a weekend close to the full moon in September each year.

160 volunteer members of the society make up 37 teams who walk across the flood plain on north–south transect lines 500m apart. The aim is to count all the game within the 250m zone either side of each team.

Coverage of the 45km2 central Mana Pools flood plain is nearly total.



Transect Counts

Each team walks four different transects during the weekend and each transect is counted four times.

Teams navigate by compass or increasingly by GPS along their transects.

There is a choice of walking unaccompanied or with one of the National Parks Rangers or professional guides who join the count each year.