Midlands Branch

WEZ Midlands is a very privileged branch by having 2 Environmental Education centres namely Kwekwe Environmental Education Program (KEEP) and Sebakwe Conservation & Education Centre (SCEC). WEZ Midlands is also 1 of the richest in terms of wildlife. SCEC is located adjacent the Midlands Black Rhino Conservancy and the Sebakwe Recreational Park. KEEP is located in the Sable Park where a Snake Park is located. This allows for a diversity of activities at both Centres.

Kwekwe Environmental Education Program
Sebakwe Conservation & Education Centre

SCEC: Conferencing & Camping facilities with accommodation available in bungalows, dormitories, and chalets. Catering facilities also available.


Both SCEC & KEEP offer a range of activities for all age groups  and people of different backgrounds.
Environmental learning through bush camps, nature interpretation, birdwalks, quizzes, debates

commemoration of environmental days, wildlife museum interpretation
Community based natural resource management projects eg nutrition gardens, beekeeping, poultry, small livestock projects

Community based natural resource management projects - Gardens
Community based natural resource management projects - Bee Keeping

Research into both social and natural science topics, Leadership & Team building workshops


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